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About Us

General Information and FAQ

Welcome to the St. Peter Soccer Club.  We are a not-for-profit community-based organization funded through player registration fees.  We offer programs for soccer players age 4 through 19.  We utilize parent and non-parent coaches. We practice and play on St. Peter fields including the new SPHS fields!

Soccer for Kids Age 4 through 8

Spring/Summer: Saturday morning sessions from late April to early June. Players age 7 and 8 meet one additional evening per week. The focus is on movement, fun, basic soccer skills and building friendships. We provide training to volunteer parent coaches and teams are formed so activities can be completed with a high ratio of coaches to players. Small-sided scrimmages (3 or 4 players to a team) are played at the end of practice. Fees vary by age and run from $40 to $60. A t-shirt is the uniform and is typically included in your registration fee.

Fall: A similar program is offered in the Fall. Sessions usually start in September and end in October.

Click the "Registration" shortcut on the panel to your right for current registration information.

Soccer for Kids Age 8 to 10

Spring/Summer: Registration deadline is the last week of February and practices start in mid-to late April. Teams play in a "Maroon & Gold" league established by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association. Games are split between home and away with travel that can vary from southern MN to the Twin City suburbs. Games start in May and usually finish by the end of June or early July. Teams practice and/or play 2 times per week with games on a Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur cycle depending on gender and age. Rides are generally available through other families. A uniform kit must be purchased ($110.00) and registration fees are around $150. This is still a good time for a novice player to join the Club – past soccer experience is not required at all.

Fall: A similar program is offered in the Fall (September and October)

Kids Age 11 to 19

Spring/Summer: Registration deadline is the last week of February and practices start in mid to late April. Teams play in leagues established by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association. Games are split between home and away with travel that can vary from southern MN to the Twin City suburbs. The games are typically Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu depending on the team and league. Fees per player run from $200 to $250 plus uniform kit must be purchased ($110.00). Players new to soccer can still join and thrive on these teams.

Fall: A similar program is offered for teams U11 and U12 and sometimes for U13/14.  The season runs from September into October.

What about tryouts?

We do not do tryouts for placement on a team.  We are small enough to avoid this difficult process.  It allows us to focus on overall development rather than trying to form teams around wins and losses.

What about financial help?

You'll find our Club helpful for those experiencing hard times.  Just send a confidential email to both our club president, Cinde Wiebusch at  and our club registrar, Brian Combs at  You will be sent our club policy on scholarship eligibility. Should you qualify, you will be asked to submit the required documentation to receive tuition assistance.

Do you offer discounts for multiple children?  

We have a family maximum that makes our club very affordable for large families.  No matter how many children play, your family fee is typically limited to the cost of having just two players. Please see Registration for more details.

Am I required to volunteer?

Our club currently does not require any volunteer hours. However, to encourage volunteerism and to offset additional costs incurred with volunteer positions, the board voted in August 2017 to offer a seasonal  expense reimbursement to non-parent/non-guardian head coaches and an optional  registration fee reduction  (not to exceed the amount of one player)  to  parent/guardian head coaches on a seasonal basis and working board members on an annual basis.  Please review the Club bylaws for specific requirements and amounts.

Is there a fundraising requirement?

Currently, there is no fundraising requirement for our club players.

What about playing time?

We are all about equal playing time for our younger teams.  Kids that struggle to contribute can't build confidence and learn to contribute by sitting on the bench.  Some coaches carry this through to our oldest teams.  Once kids reach their teen years, coaches may move away from equal playing time to earned or "fair" playing time - practice attendance, effort at and away from practices and level of fitness may all weigh into a coach's discretion.  HOWEVER, we work very hard to insure a FAIR amount of playing time for everyone - if a player comes to practices and works hard they'll get fair playing time even if they're not among the best 11 on the team.  We do not treat club soccer like a traditional varsity soccer squad where team outcomes may outweigh individual experiences and development.