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Registration Details

Registration for Spring/Summer is CLOSED.

For questions, please contact:

Jen Letts

Spring/Summer 2020 Playing Ages for Saint Peter Soccer Club

U09 - born in 2011

U10 - born in 2010

U11 - born in 2009

U12 - born in 2008

U13 - born in 2007

U14 - born in 2006

U15 - born in 2005

U16 - born in 2004

U17 - born in 2003

U18 - born in 2002


Spring/Summer 2020 EARLY Registration Cost

U09 - U10 - $150 (registered by January 5, 2020)

U11 - U19 = $200 (registered by January 5, 2020)

Cost goes up $50 per player on January 6, 2020

Registration CLOSED February 2, 2020


Is your player U8 or younger?
If your players are U8 age or younger they will be in our Rec Soccer program. Rec Soccer is run in cooperation with the City of Saint Peter Recreation Department, and registration is through their website. Click here to register for Rec Soccer. Registration for Rec Soccer won't open for a couple more weeks.


Playing Age Guidelines for Saint Peter Rec Soccer
U8 = born in 2012
U7 = born in 2013
U6 = born in 2014
U5 = born in 2015
U4 = born in 2016

For any questions about Rec Soccer, contact Brian Combs at


If you have questions about uniforms or are in need of a uniform, please contact Jen Letts at


Scholarships and Payments

The St. Peter Soccer Club is committed to making sure every child has the opportunity to play the game. If you have difficulties paying for soccer, please let the club know by contacting our Registrar, Brian Combs, to request financial assistance. We will work with you on a payment plan or scholarship that will best fit your needs and situation.