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Registration Details

Registration for Spring/Summer 2019 is CLOSED.

We still have a few spots available on some of our teams. Please check with our Registrar if you're interested in playing.

Jen Letts

Spring/Summer 2019 Playing Ages for Saint Peter Soccer Club

Playing age for Spring/Summer is the age a player will turn in 2019

U09 - born in 2010
U10 - born in 2009
U11 - born in 2008
U12 - born in 2007
U13 - born in 2006
U14 - born in 2005
U15 - born in 2004

U16 - born in 2003
U17 - born in 2002
U18 - born in 2001


New Uniform Kit = $110* (uniforms are now on a three year cycle so please plan accordingly; this cycle began Spring/Summer 2018 and so the next cycle will begin Spring/Summer 2021)


Is your player U8 or younger?
If your players are U8 age or younger they will be in our Rec Soccer program. Rec Soccer is run in cooperation with the City of Saint Peter Recreation Department, and registration is through their website. Click here to register for Rec Soccer.

Playing Age Guidelines for Saint Peter Rec Soccer
U8 = born in 2011
U7 = born in 2012
U6 = born in 2013
U5 = born in 2014
U4 = born in 2015

For any questions about Rec Soccer, contact Brian Combs at reccoordinator@saintpetersoccer.org.

Spring/Summer 2019 Uniforms

Saint Peter Soccer Association implemented new club uniforms for all players in 2018. If you played for Saint Peter Soccer Club in Spring/Summer 2018 or Fall 2018, and already purchased a new uniform, you're good to go.

If Spring/Summer 2019 is your first season with Saint Peter Soccer Club, you will need to purchase a new uniform.

Uniforms cost is NOT included in 'Registration'.

New uniforms are on a three year cycle so please plan accordingly. This means the club will have a new style of uniform every three years with the next scheduled for Spring 2021. 

St. Peter Soccer Club 2019 Web Store Instructions:
1. Go to our website:  www.unitedteamelite.com.
2. Click on Team Stores at the top menu. This will take you to the team store page and password login.
3. Enter your team password under Personalized Team Stores in all CAPS: SPSU18.
4. For the products you would like to order, select a size from the drop down to add it to your cart.
5. If personalization is desired enter it in the box to the right. If no personalization is desired, click add to cart.
6. Please review your order for accuracy to ensure you chose the correct products, sizes, and personalizations. 
7. Follow instructions for payment / delivery.
8. All orders are processed AFTER the cutoff date designated by your Program Coordinator. Production takes 2-3 weeks after ALL orders have been received. 
9. United Team Elite will notify you or your Program Coordinator once all the orders are complete. Please do not make plans to pick up your order until you are notified that it is ready. 
10. The Web Store will remain open through February 10, 2018. All orders will be completed approximately 3 weeks after this date.

United Team Elite ~ 507-720-3055 ~ info@unitedteamelite.com
1420 Lookout Dr.
North Mankato, MN 56003


Scholarships and Payments

The St. Peter Soccer Club is committed to making sure every child has the opportunity to play the game. If you have difficulties paying for soccer, please let the club know by contacting our Registrar, Brian Combs, to request financial assistance. We will work with you on a payment plan or scholarship that will best fit your needs and situation.

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